Hoboken station crash: New Jersey train disaster ‘kills three’

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Transit personnel survey the damage

At least three people are reported to have been killed and more than 100 injured, many of them critically, after a commuter train crashed into a railway station in the US state of New Jersey.

A local radio station anchor said the train went through ticket barriers and “into the reception area” of Hoboken station.

Hoboken is across the Hudson River from New York City.

Many commuters use the station to travel into Manhattan.

A spokeswoman for New Jersey Transit, Jennifer Nelson, told reporters that 20 ambulances had arrived at the scene to take the injured to hospital.

Photos on social media show extensive damage to the train carriages and station. Reports say people are trapped in the wrecked carriages.

Ben Fairclough, a witness who was at the station, told the BBC the train appeared to have completely gone off the track.

“I wasn’t on the train, but I arrived just after it happened. There was water coming down off the roof and people climbing out through the windows.

“There were people sitting down with blood coming from their head. There were lots of injuries.”

New Jersey Transit posted on Twitter that the service out of Hoboken station had been suspended as a result of the crash.

The roof of the station collapsed
Passengers rush out of the train cars
Emergency workers treat wounded people after the crash

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