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In life , we get to experience alot of things that are unexpected.. Expect the unexpected they say and through my journey in life, i’ve come to learn that life is not fair and one has to grow fast and learn fast else, you regret and make errors over and over again.
Here are some of the Harsh truths i’ve come to realize and learn myself…

You have to pick yourself up

No matter what you’ve gone through or experiencing in life, never give up.. Regardless of the downfall, you can get back up gain..Don’t wait for anyone to come pick you up cos we all have our individual issues we are battling with

Nobody owes you anything

As  a young lady back then, i used to think people owe me and are responsible for me, but through life, i have realized nobody owes you nothing, you have to work hard to get anything you want.

Nobody cares

This is an unfortunate truth.. Truth they say is bitter. Nobody cares what you going through, all they want to see is the result and rejoice with you.. Most times, people act like they care because of what they have to gain from you and once they are done.. You are nothing to them anymore

people are faster to type RIP than “how are you

It’s soo easy to type RIP than how are you… Learn to live your life right and be yourself. Take care of your body and have a good diet everyday cos once you are gone, the best you’ll get is RIP

Anybody can do you dirty, friends or family

Anybody can do you dirty, no matter how much you think you you are loved, always watch your back…

Anybody can change at any moment

The person you know 6 months ago might not be the same person today, be careful how much you trust people. People change from good to bad, people change from bad to good.. Be careful not to fall victim , BE WISE.

people only remember the one time you did them wrong despite how many times you have done it right for them

Always remember that you can’t satisfy everyone. Do the good you can and leave the rest and always go around and live life with the mindset of ” Anything i do will be against me in the court of law”

Maturity is not by age

This is soo evident from experience. I’ve seen grown fully bearded men act like teenagers and kids while younger ones act more matured… Don’t be decieved by age, look more at character than age.

People would take advantage of you the minute you act weak

In this world we find ourselves, please never lose your guard.. Everyone just wanna take advantage of your weakness and ignorance. 30 seconds weakness and they are taking advantage.

Money isn’t happiness

Looking around, we get to see rich people having chronic sicknesses, having high blood pressure and seriously having problems. Let your mind be at peace with what you have and be contented.. Money doesn’t buy happiness

Every decision you make is your choice so don’t ever blame nobody for your life

I’ve realized in my life that anything i do is directly or indirectly linked to my decision, so one can’t afford to make wrong decisions . No room for errors. Never blame anyone for your mistakes, be wise, make the right decisions.

Even the ones you claim to take a bullet for would pull the trigger

Some of us here can relate to this.. Let’s make the right decisions and be wise

You get hurt and such is life

Being hurt is part of life… You just get to dust yourself up and move on

The person talking to you about someone would talk about you to someone

This is a great truth for those who don’t know this yet, always remember your best friend has some other friends they talk too too.

They want you doing better but never better than them

People wants you to be fine and happy and living a good life but the unfortuante truth is people don’t want anyone doing better than them.

You are your best inspiration

You are the best thing that can ever happen to you, be your own inspiration.. wake up, look into the mirror every morning and tell yourself good things. You are the best of your kind… No one can be you better than you..

Nobody else would love you if you don’t love you

Nothing in earth supercedes self love. Love yourself, care for yourself, be happy, eat good, making yourself your greatest priority.

You choose not to say No, you choose to be broke ,you choose to let them treat you wrong ,you choose to be fat, you choose to be lazy, you choose to be a fool

So please stop blaming people about everything that goes on in your life

Man the F up and own it

It’s your life

Walk out of a meaningless relationship

Workout and eat right

Start up something (No step is too small)

Own it..

Comment under if you relate and share any that you feel is not included here…..


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