Husband bites off wife’s nose because she couldn’t pay his expensive dowry in India (graphic photo)

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A violent husband bit off his wife’s nose after she refused to pay his expensive dowry and moved out of their home. According to reports, Raj Kumari and her husband Shiv Prasad got married two years ago but separated last year, following his continuous luxury dowry demand of £1,800 and brand new motorbike.

The 21 year old lady, who moved to her parent’s house in Lakhimpur after separating from her 23 year old husband, claims that the shocking incident took place on her way to school on Tuesday, when he ran towards her and grabbed her before biting off her nose after failed attempts to bring her back home.

After the said incident, Shiv ran away before she called her family to the scene and they quickly arrived and took her to a Medical clinic where it was confirmed that she lost a portion of her nose.

According to reports, Raj Kumari who was later arrested that same day by policemen from Gola Police Station explained that he only attacked her because of the way she dresses to school and for also refusing to return home with him.

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