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African leading Import/Export MarketPlace, ImportDeals.NG during a press briefing in its office on Tuesday 14th day of September, 2021 announced the launch of  her  latest  product “AUTOMECHO”, a product designed to reduce the stress of existing car owners in ensuring their vehicles stay healthy and good looking.



Mr. Adesola Tosin who is the Chief Operations Officer of ImportDeals.NG Limited,  announced the launch of AutoMecho, as a project set  to help existing car owners to enjoy their vehicles through proper maintenance, diagnostics and fixes.


The Chief Executive Officer of ImportDeals.NG Limited, Mr. Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi started his speech by addressing all customers of ImportDeals.NG as “Kings & Queens”. We are happy to inform all Kings & Queens on our platform about our plans to give-back to celebrate our Indepedence as a nation. Just like we did in August Keys, we want to also give opportunities to all existing car owners to enjoy the benefit of healthy and good looking vehicles. We shall provide pick up services on demand as we shall give royal treatments to everyone in our network were the words of Mr. Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi. 



Automecho is a project that would benefit all, and services will be  available to all cars from 2008 and above at good prices. ImportDeals.NG Limited is the parent company of TokunboCars.NG, an automobile sales company in Lagos that have helped a large number of individuals and organizations to import foreign used cars from the United States. ImportDeals.NG is not only out  to give opportunities to everyone to buy their dream cars, but also to make sure existing car owners enjoy their cars with little or no stress.


When next you are stucked or need a place you can trust for proper maintenance, contact AutoMecho for your vehicle Repairs

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