Inside Drake and Rihanna’s Undeniable Romance: 6 Times Their Chemistry Couldn’t Be Ignored

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Sometimes, a Hollywood pair can’t help but shine bright like diamonds.

While Drake and Rihanna have teased fans for months about their relationship status, one thing has always been clear: There is something special between these two.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that E! News exclusively confirmed last week that the talented singers were back on and dating again.

“He still loves her and never stopped. Rihanna is the one that’s been not wanting to settle down in the past,” an insider shared with E! News.  “They are having fun spending time with each other. Their music together got them close again.”

As fans celebrate this official pairing, we have to take a look back at all the times we sensed something special was going on. From music videos to late-nights on the town, these two may have just found love in a hopeless place.

Drake, Rihanna, BRIT Awards, Performing

1. 2016 BRIT Awards: In her first performance at the star-studded show since 2012, Rihanna invited Drake on stage for another steamy performance of “Work.” Between the grinding on live TV to the matching white outfits, there was enough to keep viewers entertained. As for the cherry on top, a nice sweet hug after the performance didn’t hurt anyone.

Drake, Rihanna Impression, SNL
2. Saturday Night Live: While hosting NBC’s late-night show, Drake decided to impersonate Rihanna during his hilarious opening monologue. “I swear we’re only friend, friend, friend, friend, friends,” he sang while wearing a brown wig. If you get a special shoutout on SNL, eyebrows will be raised.

Rihanna, Drake
3. Nicole Scherzinger’s Birthday Party: Just last month, romance rumors increased once the pair met up at Tape Nightclub in London for a celebration. Though the pair was photographed leaving separately, they left one after the other around 6 a.m. And one month earlier, the duo hung out at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood until 5:30 a.m. Who needs sleep when it’s dark outside anyways?


Rihanna, Drake
4. Anti Tour: From Miami to The Forum in Los Angeles, Drake was more than willing to surprise concertgoers when he showed up on Rihanna’s tour. Just like the music video, each performance was hot and steamy with dance moves your youngest kids may not need to see. Ultimately, fans loved it and crowds couldn’t help but freak their freaks every time a surprise occurred.

RIhanna, Drake
5. Belgium and Beyond: During a 2014 concert in Belgium, Drake paid tribute to his close friend when he covered “Stay” in front of a sold-out crowd. The “Take Care” singers would also be spotted on several occasions in Europe included dinner dates and cozy nights in Paris.


Rihanna, Drake, Work Music Video
6. “Work” Music Video: Perhaps the biggest sign that these two had plenty of chemistry was a red-hot video released this past February. In the NSFW product, Rihanna put on a private dance for Drake. And did we mention she was wearing a see-through fishnet ensemble while showcasing more than a few twerking skills? Perhaps this kind of hard work really has paid off.

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