Is Aisha Buhari in trouble?

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Aisha Buhari, President Muhammadu Buhari’s first lady has been under a lot of watchful eyes after her somewhat candid castigation of her husband’s administartion.

The first lady, who campaigned vigorously for her husband in last year’s election, organising town hall meetings with women’s groups and youth organisations across the country has opened up a can of worms, as some asserted.

She has been restricted to her work on women’s empowerment and helping victims of the Boko Haram insurgency in North-East Nigeria.

However, her recent interview with BBC appeared to have confirmed the alleged nepotism that has surrounded the administration since its inception, but has also angered many of its supporters.

While some praise her candour, some have criticized her and labelled her a betrayer. Consequently, there have been reports that President Buhari is not happy with her and that she may be punished for voicing despicable comments to the world.

The question is: is Aisha right or wrong?

And another: what is her fate?


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