JJC (Jonny Just Come) The life of A Nigerian Student In Benin Republic.. Episode 1

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New Enviroment.
The first time I came to Benin republic, heyyyy!!!!(claps hands) I thought I was in obodo oyibo(White man’s land). Of course I was in another country,calling with another country code and my friends seeing I wasn’t calling from the country(Nigeria).

The street lights at night,heavenly.Climbing on the okada(keke) and realising the okada men(kekenor) had their own lane. Chai! In my mind,these people are Organised oh! Breathing in different air as I felt the breeze blowing me while the okada man speeds.


I didn’t care,afterall it was my first ride in the country.I closed my eyes and thanked God for a safe journey from Nigeria and along came a smile.You would have thought I was in Newyork(America).I had heard of cotonou,The land where everything is cheap including cars.I had planned to get myself one since it was that affordable,Oh how I dreamt so many times of walking in my heels after parking my ride and walking to my class for my lectures like every other student(I thought everyone will own a car because of the price) so I thought as I smiled on the bike,Then my friend ,”Mimi” called out to me and started pointing out to all the happening places for students but they were places I was yet to discover.I nodded like an Agama Lizard and Giggled like a teenager, for my life was on the line of transformation.I threw my head back.

As we went round the carifo(Round about) back home,I laughed as the breeze  blew through my hair,I couldn’t wait to rock this town.I climbed the stairs to the rooftop as we got home,and saw the bright lights.Everywhere was beautiful and Said to myself with a smile “I have arrived!”………………………………………………….

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