Judge convicts Man who killed wife after making online search for ‘the most painful place to stab someone’

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Jose Leonardo, 56, who killed his wife Maria Mbombo, 52, by stabbing her multiple times, has been convicted of murder. Leonardo made a search for “the most painful place to stab someone” on google before carrying out the act at their home in Belsize Park, west London, back in May.

The mum-of-three who was working as a cleaner at the time of her death, died at the scene. Leonardo who was a driver for the internet-based taxi company, Uber, met her in Holland back in 1988 and they moved to north-west London in 1993.

Prosecutor John Price QC said there was no dispute that Leonardo killed her, but he has claimed it was manslaughter by “loss of control”. On the day of the murder, his mobile phone was used to make an online search for “can I survive stab in the eye” and “most painful place to stab someone.” After stabbing her, he stayed in his flat with his dead or dying wife for an hour or so, before their kids arrived and their 23-year-old son Carl dialed an emergency number in tears.

Paramedics arrived to find him trying to resuscitate his mother on the floor of a bedroom. Leonardo slipped out of the house, tried to buy a bottle of beer in a nearby store but was refused.The shopkeeper noticed blood on his jacket and tried to find out what happened. He however allegedly replied: “Just call the police.”

Officers arrived to find Leonardo wearing a white vest drenched in blood and murmuring “my wife is dead”. He has now been found guilty of one count of murder, but cleared of one charge of perverting the course of justice. Leonardo will be sentenced to life imprisonment today, with his minimum term to be determined.

Source: mirror.co.uk

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