Love Dilemma … (My STORY).. I Need Your Advice…..

Note: Picture doesn't depict the person..
Note: Picture doesn’t depict the victim.

Note: Name has been changed to protect the identity of the victim

My name is Laala,I am 22yrs, A student of a reputable School in Nigeria, i got to know about this on facebook and decided to contact you for advise on this platform. I need your help. I came back on a long break from school ill and as usual had to visit my family doctor.During diagnosis,he got fascinated by the fact that i was still a virgin at my age and asked so many questions.

He prescribed my drugs and asked for my private cell number to check up on my health.’what the hell’ he means no harm,He is my family Doctor, I said to myself. He started calling in a friendly matured way and I found him interesting.

Note: Picture doesn't depict the person
Note: Picture doesn’t depict the victim

He offered me a part time job for my holidays which was me tutoring his 15yr old son in chemistry. I accepted and didn’t tell my parent cos I knew they wouldn’t approve. As a student studying chemical Engineering,I would visit the State library every working day to study during my holidays. I started cutting my Library hours short to go for my part time job. My Family doctor was so nice to me. He would drop me at home if i was running late,He paid me well too. But then He fell in love with me and I liked him too so we hit it off but I told him I wasn’t ready for sex for two reasons.

1) Because I wasn’t ready and
2) He was seperated from his wife.
Everything was going on well but he started asking for more from me.we were doing everything except him penetrating me. Then one evening, when we were both cozy in bed, kissing and all, He asked if he could penetrate me and I said I wasn’t ready. I stood up to leave but he grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed ( He was filled with burning desire that made him look like a mad man) and then in my heart I knew what would happen. I begged him to please let me go but he held me strongly to the bed and forced himself into me from the back and didn’t stop till he was done.

Note: Picture doesn't depict the writer
Note: Picture doesn’t depict the victim


I remember fighting and crying till i couldnt hear myself anymore, I couldnt move. He bent down to pick me up from the bed and I saw my blood all over and couldn’t stop crying. He prepared a hot water bath quickly and bathed me. I was helpless and in pain, i  wouldn’t look at him.Then he said he was sorry, That he didn’t know I was saying the truth all along.

He carried me to the car n drove me home. He gave me some contraceptives to take and kept apologising. I got home and didnt say a word to my parents. He has been calling me since then and sending text messages apologising,Saying he is really in love with me and he is sorry.I feel so broken and betrayed. I haven’t said a word either to him or my parents. If you were in my shoes, what will you do?

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  1. You said you guys were in love already… oops! Do we really call that a rape?????? I think the man really loves you though

  2. Why did he get seperated from his wife in the first place???? You should think about that… You seem to be in love with him

  3. Well i would say what he did was wrong, but i also think for him to still call you and care for you after the whole incident, i mean he took you to the bathroom to bath you[dats something].He might actually do like you. but do you still like him?

  4. You should know what he wanted ever since… You shouldn’t have started what you cannot finish in the first place

  5. This kind of thing hunts us,sometimes unconsciously…this story is very touching and disturbing at the same time…i mean this man took advantage of you.Stories like this makes me want to become
    1.The president to make the law more strict for rapist(because in what ever way we want to see it,it was against ur will nd he prob cntinued because he knew u wldnt be able to tell any1 about it). makes me want to have supernatural powers so that i cld jst say “sklfhfthdhnfb” so that thunder
    could stike him wherever he is.
    My dear Laala,find sm1 to talk to prob a professional and then forgive..try to forget too if possible,only then would u heal.

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