Meet an Indian carpenter, Devendra Suthar born with 28 fingers and toes

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43-year-old Suthar, from Himmatnagar, Gujarat, in Western India, is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the only person with more digits than anyone else on earth.
Suthar has seven fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot, and has become some sort of celebrity as people come from far and wide along with their children to see the ‘man with seven fingers’, reports MailOnline.

‘Because of my extra fingers, people here treat me as a celebrity. They come to see me and the attention makes me feel special. Children laugh when they see me doing funny tricks with my fingers. The expression on their face when they see my toes is priceless. It is because of my fingers that I have become a famous man. I consider my extra fingers and toes definitely are lucky for me and I do not want to cut them off.’

Suthar who suffers from a condition called Polydactylism, says he has to be extra careful when at work so as not to slice off one of his extra digits.

‘The extra fingers and toes certainly trouble me at times. I am a carpenter and work mostly with saw and hammer. I have to always be careful to avoid the fingers.’

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