Meet the first mother-daughter pair to compete in Brazil’s Miss Bumbum competition (Photos)

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A mother and daughter that are competing in Brazil’s Miss Bumbum competition have disclosed how their obsession to win the coveted prize led to the mother’s spouse of six years walking out on them.

The 35-year-old Bruna Ferraz, and her daughter Eduarda Morais, 19, both admitted they are desperate to be crowned the country’s queen of shapely bottoms.

‘It was an easy decision to make. I would never let anything get in the way of realising my dream, and certainly no man,’ Bruna told MailOnline.

Her daughter on the other hand had this to say;

‘Winning means everything to me; it will change my life forever. But I know it means everything to my mum too. Now we’re both in the final it will all depend on who’s got the most beautiful bottom. I admire my mum’s bottom. I hope mine will be as firm as hers when I’m her age,’ Eduarda disclosed.

Meanwhile, this is the first time a mother and daughter would reach the final of the popular pageant; Miss Bumbum.

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