Movie Update: Download How to get away with murder season 3, episode 7

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Is anyone as relieved as I am to learn Wes was NOT under the sheet? It was a bit touch-and-go there for a minute, as all signs pointed to a dead Wes two episodes from now, but we can now breathe a collective sigh of relief… Well, sort of. Now it’s starting to look like Wes might be trying to take down Annalise, but why? Before we start speculating, let’s run through episode 7 and cover our bases.

“Call It Mother’s Intuition” starts with Annalise in a jail cell — again. She’s just found out she’s being charged with arson and first-degree murder, and an “anonymous source” has provided the information tying her to said charges (or so we’re led to believe).


Flashback: Two Weeks Earlier

Wes was being interrogated by the NYPD regarding Mahoney’s murder. Wes’s lawyer (whom Bonnie and Annalise found) told Wes to stop talking, but Wes ignores his advice. When shown a photo of Charles Mahoney, Wes lies and says he saw him at the scene, not far from where he stood in a doorway.

Annalise asks why he lied about this: What will happen if they find out Charles has an alibi, or what if they were trying to catch Wes in a lie? For a law student who should be aware of this obvious play, Wes doesn’t seem too concerned.

Laurel and Wes are now regularly hooking up and, apparently, really enjoying each other’s company. So much so they don’t even notice Frank hiding in her apartment while they’re there.

At the courthouse, Wes runs into Nate, who asks how things went down with the NYPD. He tells Wes to watch his ass, and Wes isn’t sure how to take this (or if Nate knows something Wes doesn’t).

Shortly after, we find out Charles Mahoney did have an alibi and the charges were probably going to be dropped against him. Wes tells Annalise about his conversation with Nate and how he feels like he’s putting her (and everyone else) in danger at this point. Annalise insists he stop feeling guilty and blaming himself, and just explain he saw someone who looked like Charles Mahoney when he’s questioned again.




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