Movie Update: Download the Flash, Season 3, Episode 5

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Monsters are so in right now. DC Comics recently wrapped up the “Night of the Monster Men” crossover event in the Batman comics. Marvel is starting to unveil its “Monsters Unleashed” event, which sounds interesting. Now, The Flash is taking on monsters in an episode that contains some interesting material, but never quite jelled for me.



When we last left Team Flash, they had just welcomed a new Harrison Wells to Earth-Prime — H.R. Wells from Earth-19 — and this episode finds the team getting used to him. As was teased last week, H.R. is unlike any Wells we’ve met so far. He’s hyper, outgoing, nice, and conscientious; it’s actually kind of off-putting, especially for Cisco, who can’t seem to bring himself to trust this Wells. After Cisco tells him to step back a bit and just watch and learn, H.R. finally gets around to passing on Caitlin’s message that she’s taking a few days off.




Empire Season 3, Episode 5 .. Coming out tomorrow.. Lucious family are in Danger.. dont miss it


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