Movie Update: Download Vampire Diaries Season 8, Episode 1 and 2

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This episode title refers to the first words we hear Elena say in the “Pilot.” She’s writing in her diary, promising herself that today will indeed be different and that she won’t just be the girl whose parents were killed. She’s hopeful; although it’s clear she’s not entirely confident in those words. In the end, she was right; that day ended up being different because she met her first epic love, Stefan.

The hopefulness of that quote is easily found in tonight’s episode. “Hello, Brother,” the season 8 premiere, ended with Bonnie convincing Stefan not to lose hope that they would save Damon and Enzo. So, when we pick back up tonight, the hero team is still hopeful their fight won’t be in vain.


The Vampire Diaries -- "Today Will be Different" --Image Number: VD802a_0101.jpg -- Pictured: Kat Graham as Bonnie -- Photo: Erika Doss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Download Season 8, Episode 1


Download Season 8, Episode 2


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