Must Read: Mr. Nice Guy

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There’s a trend going on with ladies today, it seems nothing is ever good enough for them. If you’re too nice, it’s a problem, he’s a player. If you’re not nice, it’s a problem, he doesn’t respect women. If you’re too kind, problem, he’s pretending. If you’re too outspoken, problem, he doesn’t listen. If you’re introverted, problem, he’s hiding something!

Jeez! What do you want from guys? Uh? We just want to communicate, that’s all. We’re not looking for melodrama or all that paranoia. Life is a thousand times simpler than ladies think. Enough with the drama already.


If a guy is too quiet, he’s boring. If a guy is too outspoken, he can’t keep a secret. What on Earth do you want, ladies?

To all the Mr. Nice Guys out there, look, love isn’t by force. If your niceness is a problem to her, please withdraw, she’s not worth it.


Credited to Victor Enesi….

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