Murdered Kenyan cleric’s widow in court

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Hania Saga Rogo

The widow of a Muslim cleric in Kenya who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Mombasa in 2012 has been arrested.

Hania Saga Rogo is in court this morning. Police say she had links with one of the three women killed when they attacked Mombasa Central Police station on Sunday.

Her arrest has triggered a lot of interest – and the courtroom here in Mombasa isn’t big enough for all the people who have turned up:

Full courtroom in Mombasa

Her husband, Aboud Rogo Mohammed, was an outspoken cleric who openly called for the killing of non-Muslims. DVDs of him preaching were sold in coastal areas – and he made no secret of his hatred of the West and of the Kenyan government.

He was on US and UN sanctions lists for allegedly supporting Somalia’s al-Shabab militants. According to a UN report, he had helped al-Shabab obtain funding and new recruits at Mombasa’s Masjid Musa mosque.

He was also facing charges of plotting attacks in Mombasa at the time he was killed by unknown gunmen. His death triggered days of violent protests in the city.

There have been high emotions in court – and Mrs Rogo’s son lashed out at journalists and smacked a camera to the floor.

He was comforted afterwards by his mother before proceedings got under way:

Mrs Rogo comforts her son in court in Mombasa, Kenya


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