Music: Dunsin Oyekan – CITY OF GOD

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Renowned gospel music minister and worship leader, Dunsin Oyekan, has unleashed an awe-inspiring new anthem titled “City Of God (Live).” This extraordinary track is now at your fingertips, ready for streaming and downloading across all major digital platforms.

“City Of God (Live)” resonates deeply with Revelation 22:2, accentuating the profound healing and spiritual significance embodied by the tree of life. In perfect harmony with this scripture, the song delivers an impactful message of unwavering faith and heartfelt worship. Dunsin’s exceptional talent shines through in this captivating live recording, infusing every lyric with an undeniable power that transcends boundaries and reaches hearts around the globe.

As Dunsin Oyekan shared the divine inspiration behind the song on Instagram, he revealed, “Just a few weeks ago, we were enveloped in worship when a heavenly sound cascaded down to us. It was as if the very essence of grace was pouring forth from the throne above.” Continuing his revelation, he proclaimed, “God graciously allowed us to capture that moment, weaving it into a melody that resonates with the present moment. For how could the words of this song be anything but true? ‘I bring heaven HERE and NOW.’ My beloved friends, behold God’s message for this season: YOU ARE THE CITY OF GOD! No longer is Eden confined to a distant realm; it resides within you, here and now!” 🙌🏽🎶


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