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 * The past cannot be changed, but your activities today can determine how your future will look like… We all have past, but life just continues..Even yesterday is already a past.. We need to MOVE ON


* Opinions don’t define your reality… Everyone has the right to their  opinions, just try on your path to do things right


*Everyone’s journey is different…. Run your own race.. For some it will be smooth, for some it will be real struggle, BUT it’s all about the journey.. We will all get to our destinations .. Just Run your race


*Ovethinking will lead to Sadness.. Don’t kill yourself.. Get up on move on



* Happiness is found within.. Not with the shining of  teeth.. Many times, we shine teeth but the heart is bleeding.. The real Happiness is within….


* Positive thoughts create positive things… Have you ever thought of something and just like ‘dejavu’ they come to reality??? Think positive, and you’ll have a better chance of attracting positive things



* Kindness is free…. Its the easiest thing to do.. It’s not always about the money.. The kind words sometimes works more….. It’s easy, it’s free



* Last but definitely not he least but rather the most IMPORTANT..  ” YOU ONLY FAIL IF YOU QUIT”.. Never give up………..



*  Till i meet you again next week Monday, get inspired, get motivated….


If you learn anything from this, kindly share with others….. 


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