Nigerian ‘on track to fly solo around the world’

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Ademilola Odujinrin

Nigerian pilot Ademilola Odujinrin, who works for Air Djibouti, has started on the second leg of his journey to fly solo around the world.

He is now on his way to Malta from the UK and will then head to Djibouti in a light single-propeller aircraft, the airline said in a statement today.

It added:

From there, Odujinrin will continue around the rest of the world, through India and Australia, and intends to set a further aviation milestone with the fastest US coast-to-coast flight in a single-propeller aircraft.”

Mr Odujinrin, who has already completed a transatlantic crossing from Washington DC, said:

“Fewer than 115 people have completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe by air, and it’s been my dream since my youth to join them

Ademilola Odujinrin

In May, before he set out on his mission, he told correspondent Nnamdi Clementina that his aircraft could fly for 17 hours nonstop.

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