Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi – Ideas are not enough! (Part One)

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Growing up! I had a couple of intellectually sound friends who having read books like “The richest man in Babylon,” “Rich dad, Poor Dad” and other great authors, we started having meetings where we discuss, formulate strategies on Ideas that should work. It became more apparent especially when westarted listening to Pastor Sam Adeyemi “Ídeas rule the world” we were motivated and felt we were on the right path to becoming a billionaire. We started writing books of Ideas for our own consumption. We had multi-billion ideas that we discuss whenever we meet but we had not enough information, knowledge and resources to follow up these ideas which put us in the category of people I call ‘rich in ideas but broke in account. We could have been called “Ideaologists” if that English exists in any dictionary and if not please permit me to use it for the purpose of this article.

The truth is “Ideas don’t make you rich, the correct execution of idea does.”

A lot of young people fall into this same category. If you were like me, I want to congratulate you because you are on the right path. You just need to learn from some of the mistakes we made so you can move at a faster speed. Let me quickly take you through some important highlights that will be of help

  1. A Great Idea is only great if it has a profit model to match.
  2. There is nothing called “I’m an idea person” so stop thinking you will get paid for an idea you developed without doing the hard work.
  3. You can take someone else’s idea, execute it correctly and become rich
  4. You can’t achieve success by merely developing ideas
  5. Good ideas aren’t necessarily unique.
  6. “On paper ideas” doesn’t always translate to real life
  7. Execution is far important as incubating and planning of your idea

In the next part we shall be discussing test of ideas. There are factors to consider in the process of incubation that will aid the planning and execution phase of Great Ideas.



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