#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 22: Contestants Take On A Faculty Role

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The twenty second day in the #Project Fame 9.0 academy took a different dimension as some of the contestants took on a different role.


The day’s episode showed Solomon’s last visit to the academy to say goodbye to the other contestants and the outpouring of emotions among the contestants.

Pere also chose to go through the route of word play in electing the new captain for the house. He divided the contestants into two groups and had them square off against one another with selected words.

At the end of the wordplay game, Yusuph emerged tops and invariably became house captain for the week. He sought counsel from the outgoing captain, who told him to keep his head down and in no time, his time as leader will be over.

The music director of the Academy, Uncle Ben surprised the contestants and everyone when he asked the contestants to handle the rehearsals for the group songs which they will be singing at the weekend gala shows by themselves.

It was a surprise for the contestants when Uncle Ben walked into his class and asked them who amongst them would be willing to step into his shoes and be music director for the day.

He went on further to ask the contestants if any of them will be willing to become his replacement as a music director in future.

All the contestants seemed unwilling perhaps because they thought it was a prank and Uncle Bendecided to assign the trio of Yusuph, Mirabel, and Pere to lead the group song rehearsal by arranging the songs and assigning parts.

As soon as Uncle Ben left the house, the contestants got to work on their assigned tasks and after putting in a lot of work, they seemed confident of their performance in hopes that the music director will be impressed when he returns and listens to what they put together.

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