Series Update: Download Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20 [Series Finale]

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Well, Teen Wolf fans. We’ve made it to the series finale, and I’m very interested to see how you all feel about the show’s farewell. But before we get to anyone’s thoughts, let’s talk about what went down as Scott and his pack faced off against the Anuk-Ite, Gerard, and a whole bunch of angry hunters.


The hour starts with a slight time jump as we find Scott sleeping alone in a motel, only to wake up to Argent knocking on his door. Together, they head into Los Angeles as Scott’s voiceover tells us, “I’m going to tell you a story. Maybe it will sound familiar. There was this kid — 16, alone and running for his life. And he couldn’t see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns. Crossbows. They were hunting him. It started on the night of a full moon. Something came at him. Something bit him. And it changed his life. It changed everything.”


As we watch a kid on the run from hunters, Scott and Argent show up to save him. They then put him in the backseat of Argent’s car, where we learn his name is Alec. And as great as it is that we’re learning Alec’s story, I feel like Alec is the perfect representation of the Teen Wolf fandom because all he wants to know about is Scott’s story! As Scott tells him, there were parts of his story that he didn’t expect: “People I thought that would be with me forever are the ones that I lost.” (Well, there’s your first Allison reference of the finale.) And then he says, “Some people I thought I could never trust ended up saving my life…more than once.” Cue the smirk from Argent. But Alec, once again stepping in, wants to know how Scott’s story ends. THANK YOU DUDE, SO DO WE.

Cutting back to the moment where last week left off, Scott and company are trying to avoid getting shot by Monroe’s fast-approaching army. The bad news is that their fates are looking pretty sealed when — good news! — Stiles pulls up in Roscoe and hits one of Monroe’s men! And with him? Derek!


With Derek leading the charge, Scott’s pack starts fighting back, and when it looks like they’re winning, Monroe and what’s left of her army run away. Scott then turns his attention to a dying Deucalion, who informs Scott that Gerard’s greatest fear is that he can’t beat Scott and he knows it.


Scott then turns to Derek, who lets them know that the words “Beacon Hills” were written in blood on a wall in Brazil.



Scott: “You came back for Beacon Hills?”

Derek: “No. I came back for you.”


And cue the adorable man hug. Man, I’ve missed this. (I’ve also missed Stiles not wasting any time in a life-or-death situation to be annoyed about his friends leaving him out of the loop.)


But the reunion is short lived when Gerard comes through on Roscoe’s radio. And because he’s Gerard, he’s of course reading some Shakespeare (and it seems Derek is the only Julius Caesar fan in the house). Gerard lets Scott know that he has Jackson at the armory, his father in a jail cell, Parrish at Eichen, and Liam and company trapped at the hospital. So with his army positioned everywhere, Scott has to come to him. It’s time to wage war..


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