Series Updates: Download Queen of The South Season 3, Episode 3

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Episode Info:

Working with psychopaths can be dangerous, especially if you have a soul.

Teresa risked everything on Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 3, her budding empire, her crew, and her life because she couldn’t turn a blind eye to Rocco de la Peña’s human trafficking operation.


She couldn’t do it, especially once she put a face and a name to the women being tortured and sold.

James and Pote weren’t wrong in trying to dissuade Teresa from this path, but they weren’t right either. Rescuing this one shipment of women wouldn’t stop the cartel or de la Peña from doing it again.

Not only was he getting paid to move these women and sell them but he was enjoying using them as his playthings to rape, drug, and mutilate at will.

No, stopping this one shipment wouldn’t change the world, but it would certainly change the world for those women that Teresa decided to save.

And it was oddly comforting to see Teresa, Pote, James, and King George all working together despite their reservations about one another and the mission.

When King George first arrived on Queen of the South Season 2, I wasn’t a fan. From the crazy attitude to the giant pistol to the gold Speedo, he was too over the top for me.

My how things have changed.


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