Series Updates: Download The Flash Season 4, Episode 6

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Barry Allen isn’t a superhero because he has super-speed. He’s a hero because of his strong sense of what’s right and wrong and his commitment to protecting the innocents. As we’ve seen over the past four seasons with the countless metas Team Flash has fought, that sense of justice isn’t something everyone has. No doubt, Barry’s comes from his father’s wrongful conviction and from living with Joe, a police detective. Unfortunately, Ralph didn’t grow up with Joe, and while he does have a good sense of right and wrong, he still struggles with other aspects of being a superhero.

“When Harry Met Harry” is all about Ralph learning that a superhero’s first responsibility is to protect people, not fight bad guys. Obviously, this is something that doesn’t come naturally to him, which is clear from the show’s fairly humorous opening scene, in which Ralph doesn’t seemed too fazed when he injures someone…………..

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