Stop Looking For Love, Look For A Friend Instead

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Singles looking for love, please STOP, it’s not funny. Love is not found, you can’t find love. It is a lie to think love is out there waiting for you to find. What you can find is a friend. Find a friend who is good and real and he or she will love you just as you want.

Love to many people is a feeling. so they are out there looking for feelings and not personalities. Forgetting that feelings are temporary and change before you know it.

We are falling for how beautiful someone looks outwardly and call it love, and soon fall out of love with them when we meet someone else who is more beautiful outward than those we first professed our love for.

We are so much in love with people who can meet our needs financially, provide the comfort we need and soon fall out of love with them when they are broke and cannot meet those needs anymore.

Love goes beyond these feelings, it is a decision to be committed to someone and serve them unconditionally. Something which is not natural. It’s our relationship with God which deposits that gift in our spirit. With such gifts you can even love the unloved.

So instead of going out to find feelings which won’t last, you rather look for a friend who has a good relationship with God. Such a person is able to be kind towards you even when you are unkind.

You can meet someone who is beautiful outside but not kind towards you. You can meet someone who is very rich but not patient with you. You can meet someone with great educational background but he cannot protect or trust you.

Most at times, when people say they are no more in love with their partner, all they are saying is, their partners are no more doing the very things which made them feel loved. This means if the partner is able to do that, they are likely to feel loved again.

The danger is when the partner fails to do that before this person meets someone else. In this case, they say they have fallen out of love with the old partner and fallen in love with the new partner.

These people’s feelings change as soon as your effort changes towards them, and your relationship with them finally ends because they can’t wait to find what they seek elsewhere.

The man or woman who has a good relationship with God and has the God kind of love, will treat you good as they are and not bad as you become towards them. With them, you can guarantee your relationship with them is sealed through storms.

With such a person, because they have the gift of love, it is easy for them to understand you. But above all, because God is in their heart, loving you is not heavy, caring for you is not hard, understanding you is not impossible.

In conclusion “God’s Spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. There is no law against behaving in any of these ways”

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