Suit Up! Suiting Tips For The Modern Man

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Every modern man should have a suit hanging in his wardrobe. Whether it’s brought out to be worn for those special occasions, or for your day at work, a suit will always be your essential go-to. However, like all things, there are some rules you always need to follow.

Like every trend, fad, or occasion, there are rules carved in stone to follow. While most can be passed off as preference or style, there are some which are mandatory, especially when it comes to suits.

While a suit has the ability to turn even the most casual, laid-back, ‘couldn’t give a…’ man into someone who looks like they belong in the Houses of Commons, we thought to refresh our memories.

Below are a few rules you might want to know when wearing a men’s suit.

  1. The last button should always be open
  2. Unfasten the buttons while sitting down
  3. Button the shirt at the top
  4. If you’re wearing a dark suit, a light pocket square is advised
  5. Never pair a sports watch with your suit
  6. The shoulders of the suit should hug your shoulders
  7. Say no to baggy trousers
  8. Don’t go overboard with accessories
  9. Shoes should always complement the colour of your suit
  10. Socks should always cover your legs


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