Tanzanian tongue typist gets dictation device

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Tanzania's tongue typist dreams of screenwriting

Kalagala Kapunda

Sammy Awami (R) was asked to present Wakonta Kapunda (L) with the software

  Tanzanian screenwriter taught herself to use her tongue to type film scripts on a computer tablet after becoming paralysed from the neck down.

An employee at a technology company in South Africa saw his report and organised to give Wakonta Kapunda, who lives in Dar es Salaam, a device that translates voice commands into text.

Sammy went along to present it to the 23-year-old, who was hit by a car on her high-school graduation day four years ago.

Ms Kapunda told our reporter that she was very excited to get the dictation software from Whirlmarket Technologies.

And she tried it out immediately.

We can report that it did work – and with more practice, she should now be churning out those scripts.

Wakonta Kapunda

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