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There comes a time when you either to plan the way you spend money on your cars, buses, and vans else you go bankrupt if care is not taken.

Cars, buses, trailers require day to day washing in order to make a statement, now that we are fast approaching the rainy season, the tendency of washing them will be high. One of the major challenges of washing buses, trailers, trucks is that they are very large and so its hard washing and those that are expert ar washing the buses, vans, trucks end up charging in excess. When you visit places like Jibowu and Iddo in Lagos where these luxurious buses are based, you will see the kind of trauma they go through while washing their buses, same can be said the tanker drivers when they are washing their trucks.

A company having studied the difficulties introduced a Wash Bot machines that can wash a luxurious bus, tanker, trailer, school bus in less than 7 minutes.

The Bitimec Wash-Bot allows just one person to soap, wash, and rinse a large vehicle in just 6-8 minutes. It’s ideal for vans, trucks, buses, trailers, tankers and more. It is an all stainless steel Tank washing machine. Thus, assuring corrosion free, long structural life (even the powder coated battery skirt and covers are stainless). Four 6Volt High Capacity (320Ah) batteries are connected in series supply to supply 24Volts current. Therefore, making it possible to wash about 30 vehicles on a single charge.

What about we introduce this to the Lagos State Government for the new BRT buses at least no one will have excuse to give why the buses are dirty again, as this can wash 30 buses in less than 2 hours.

Let’s do a bit mathematics here, assuming washing a luxurious bus, tanker, a van is 3000 naira, with this machine, you can easily wash 30 vehicles at a stretch in less than 2 hours. That is 3000 x 30 which is cool money of 90,000 naira in 2 hours.

See the demo below… Watch the video below..

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