This Young Lady Shoots Her Own Father Dead At Home All Cus Her Father Wo… Read Full Story!!!

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A young lady has found herself in serious trouble with the law after she was found out to have murdered her own father.



Crystal Brooke Howell, a 20-year-old, shocked people when she killed her own father.

She was arrested and arraigned after the incident as she was charged with murder.

She has however been convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Accoridng to Elite Daily, the young lady killed her father just because she wanted a chance to install a skripper pole in the kitchen and have “drug-fueled” parties.

Miss Howell, of Maggie Valley, North Carolina, was 17 when she blasted her father Michael Howell, 50, in the head with a shotgun while he slept on February 24, 2014.

A court heard that after her dad caught her shoplifting earlier in the day, she contemplated his death while in the shower.

She killed him and hid his body for a month in a plastic container in a storage shed on the grounds of the family home.

Miss Howell had previously told her friends that her father had killed himself. She then started to drive his car and spend his money. She had her friends move in, had a drug-fueled party and even had a skripper pole installed in the kitchen.

The gruesome discovery was only made when guests staying in the eight-bedroom house moved a pinball machine into the room where Howell was storing her father’s body.

She reportedly fled the home and turned up at her mom’s house with all her things, driving her father’s orange Land Rover on March 22.

Howell pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and concealing a death at Haywood County Court on Monday.


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