Tunisia feminist criticises ‘censorship’

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Amina Sboui

A controversial Tunisian feminist campaigner has taken to social media to criticise a television talk show for censoring her comments during an appearance, independent online publication Tunisia Live reports.

Amina Sboui, who came to fame in 2013 for posting a nude picture of herself on Facebook, was a guest on Liman Yajroe Faqat (To The Only One Who Dares).

Its host, Samir Alwafi, said that Amina comments on the show went too far:

She deliberately forgot that freedom of speech is not unlimited, but has a set of rules and a law that regulates it.”

He also claimed that she used her television appearance to talk about homosexuality, which had not been agreed beforehand, the report adds.

Ms Sboui hit back in a video posted on Facebook, saying she had spoken about being sexually assaulted as a child and  had been attempting to advise parents to:

In her critical video, posted on Facebook, Sboui says that what she discussed being sexually assaulted when she was a child and that she had been attempting to advise parents to “teach children what their private parts are, and that nobody is allowed to touch these parts”.

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