Watch and download : Full U.S Presidential debate Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton

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Debate highlights

Much of the debate centred on personal issues and attacks, with both candidates saying the other did not have the right character or temperament to become president of the United States.

    • Mrs Clinton said her rival was the kind of man who can be provoked by a tweet and should not have his fingers anywhere near America’s nuclear codes
    • Mr Trump said Mrs Clinton did not have the stamina to be president
    • He promised he would release his tax returns if she released 33,000 deleted emails from her private email set-up while secretary of state
    • She said there were no excuses for her “mistake” in the private e-mail server, and that she takes responsibility for it
    • African-Americans are living “in hell” in the US due to gun violence, Mr Trump said
    • Mrs Clinton criticised him for saying climate change was a Chinese hoax
    • He attacked her for being weak on Islamic State militants: “You’ve been fighting Isis your entire adult life.”
    • Mrs Clinton attacked Mr Trump’s long-held belief that President Obama was born outside the US, accusing Mr Trump of having “a long record of engaging in racist behaviour”.

In a wider assault on his treatment of women, she said he had called women “pigs, slobs and dogs




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