Wow! This Newly Wedded Bride is 86 Years Old But Her Stylishness Will Leave You Speechless

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A really old woman who is getting married at 86 years of age, has stunned many people with her radiance and style.


Millie Taylor-Morrison is an 86-year-old woman but her radiance is still the topic of discussion on many lips.
The stylish grandma recently got remarried and she made one radiant bride.
A photo of Nana Millie, decked out in a purple wedding gown that she designed herself, began circulating on Facebook on Sunday, with many complimenting her timeless beauty and impeccable sense of style.
According to Huffington Post, on Oct.16, she married Harold Morrison, 85, at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey in front of 200 friends and family.
Her granddaughter Khadija Elkharbibi told The Huffington Post that all of the guests – and especially the groom – were blown away by her big day look.
“The look on everyone’s face when they saw her, but especially the look on Mr. Harold’s face when he saw her walking down the aisle ― it was the absolute sweetest thing you could ever see!” she said.
“He teared up. It was beautiful! My Nana just beamed with happiness, it was truly a sight to see.”
Nana Millie was married to Khadija’s grandpa for 41 years before he died in 1992. She knew Harold since the 1950s – he was even a guest at her first wedding.
Over the years they lost touch and later reconnected at New Beginning Faith Fellowship Ministries in Orange, New Jersey. When Harold got sick, Millie picked him up and took him to church every Sunday.
“He got really sick again a year or two ago to the point where he couldn’t live alone and he moved in with her,” Khadija told HuffPost. “After a year of him getting better, they wanted to be married.
As a Christian woman, she felt strongly about not having a man in the house without being married and she wanted to be a role model for her granddaughters.”
“Our family couldn’t be happier for her,” Khadija wrote on the Facebook page Love What Matters. “This is a true testament that age is just a number and everyone can find love again.”

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