Zimbabwe shelves plans to cut jobs After Massive Protest

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Protesting civil servants in Harare, Zimbabwe - archive shot
Civil servants have protested in the past about problems with their salaries

Zimbabwe’s government has dropped plans announced last week to cut 25,000 civil servant jobs, the state-run Herald newspaper reports.

Traditional annual bonuses paid to civil servant – known as the “13th cheque” – will also remain in place.

Last Thursday, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa had announced they would be abandoned for the next two years as part of measures to save $120m (£91m) every year.

Information Minister Christopher Mushohwe said the cabinet had rejected the plan:

The president and cabinet want to assure the civil servants, the farmers and the public at large that the proposed measures are not friendly.”

Zimbabwe has been struggling to pay workers on time for the last three months.

It only managed to settle outstanding 2015 bonuses for some civil servants in July this year, the Reuters news agency reports.

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