15 Things We Learnt From Don Jazzy on Forbes Africa TV “My Worst Day with Peace Hyde”

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It’s yet another month and that means another chance to get valuable pearls of wisdom from another amazing magnate and Forbes Africa TV’s ‘My Worst Day with Peace Hyde’ has the perfect entrepreneur to teach us.

This month it’s the turn of music mogul Don Jazzy of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty and here are 15 things we learnt from him.

1. Home is where the talent is:
According to the music mogul, he grew up in a very musical family where he learnt everything he knew about music from his father teaching us that sometimes you can find talent at your most comfortable location.

2. Never underestimate the power of small beginnings:
Don Jazzy was once a security guard, worked in McDonald’s and also spent long hours waiting in line to get a job on a construction site in the UK before finding his feet in the music business. Your current situation does not determine your final outcome so keep pushing until that break happens.

3. Relationships are key:
The worst day in business for Don Jazzy was the decision to end the decade long relationship with former business partner D’banj. It is important to build strong relationships if we want to succeed in business.

4. Understand your home-grown advantage!
According to Don Jazzy, staying with his African roots and making music for the continent was more important than joining an international label which his former business partner wanted to do. Always stick to what gives you the most advantage and you will succeed.

5. Always expect the unexpected:
Don Jazzy never expected his beautiful relationship with D’banj to ever end but it did and it changed the course of life. Change happens. Always be prepared for it.

6. When one door closes, open a window
It is important to always have a plan B. When MO Hits records ended, Don Jazzy created the Supreme Mavin Dynasty and rebranded himself and his team to take them to the next level.

7. The Media can be a gift and a curse for business
According to Don Jazzy, a major problem was the media and how much influence they had on the relationship drama with his former partner. Given the fact that the media is a strong driving force in the entertainment industry, you have to know how to take the good with the bad.

8. The product is Key
When everything failed, Don Jazzy had to introduce a new product to the market and the Mavins were born. Having the right product for your target audience is King!

9. Hard work never stops:
As the Mogul puts it, he has never stopped working hard and that is true for any entrepreneur in any market.

10. Never look back
Even though his first label ended, Don Jazzy does not regret what happened because otherwise he would not have his new artists. Failure teaches us a lot and it is important to learn from it because every negative situation makes way for a new opportunity.

11. Passion is the most important ingredient in business:
Never follow money but rather focus on what you are most passionate about and the money will follow and that is exactly what Don Jazzy did.

12. R E S P E C T:
The mogul recommends staying humble and level headed if you want to succeed in business. Respect for your elders is as important in the world of business as it is in our daily lives.

13. Never be afraid to diversify:
From the world of music our mogul has secured a lucrative brand endorsement with Johnny Walker Blue Label in their latest campaign Joy will take you further proving that you truly cannot rely on just one market and one product.

14. A little bit of Faith never hurt anyone:
“Always remember it is God who gave this to us and he can take it away just like that”, says Don Jazzy. He believes his talent and gifts are given to him by God so you need to be thankful to Him always.

15. Be True to Yourself:
Self-belief is very important as an entrepreneur because you are the only one that can make that vision you have become a reality.

If you missed the full episode catch all the action below:

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