Aliko Dangote visits Boko Haram displaced

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Yesterday Nigeria’s richest man, the businessman Aliko Dangote, along with the Irish rock star Bono visited camps where some of the 2.5 million displaced by the fighting are now sheltering.

Mr Dangote told our correspondent Martin Patience that the international community should give Nigeria help:

If we don’t rebuild their homes, their schools, their lives, two million people could actually become a danger to the world.”

Bono said he was there because this story of malnutrition not getting out.

Fifty thousand children are going to die round here if they don’t get what the UN is looking for.

He added:

These are just abstract concepts until you meet a malnourished child and until you meet a child bride and you think – oh that’s the face of Boko Haram, it’s not men in battle fatigues out in the bush, it’s what they leave behind.”

Our correspondent has been tweeting people’s reactions to the pair’s visit:

Huge reception for @AlikoDangote who says both Nigerians and international community must do more

2 thoughts on “Aliko Dangote visits Boko Haram displaced

  1. Aliko you too much jawe… I do not even know where to start from, this Nigeria we overlook so many things.

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