Movie Update: Secrets and lies Season 2, Episode 6

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Last week’s episode shifted the focus a bit by having Eric and Cornell split the hour’s point of view. But one thing that remains the same is Eric’s search for the truth. And, after tonight, he may have found out more than he originally hoped to.

SECRETS AND LIES - “The Parent” - A mysterious visitor, who had a secret connection to Kate, turns up in Eric’s office and leads him to a startling discovery. The more indiscretions and lies are revealed, the more Eric questions who he can trust – especially his brother, Patrick. Meanwhile, the second anniversary of her partner’s unsolved murder has Detective Cornell frustrated and on edge. Her ex-husband, Ethan, turns up unannounced to share some difficult news. Tensions build between Cornell and Danny, threatening to thwart each of their plans, and she continues to simultaneously bait and butt heads with Eric, on “Secrets and Lies,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Desmond) JULIETTE LEWIS, JAKE WEBER

Meet the Petersons

When Eric goes into the office the morning after his confrontation with Danny, he finds a man named Mark Peterson (Larry Poindexter) in the lobby. Apparently, Mark has no idea Kate was murdered and claims to have had a meeting with her about, err, “investments.” That’s funny, because as Eric kindly points out, Kate didn’t handle investments. What’s also interesting is how quickly Mark skated away after Eric revealed Kate was dead.

Patrick does some digging and finds Mark’s driver’s license and address. Eric, being Eric, decides to make a house call to ask him a few questions. That’s when he discovers Mark is married to Belinda (Romy Rosemont), a.k.a. the suspicious woman seen in security footage from the party on the night Kate was murdered. Eric questions her, asking what she was doing at the office and, of course, if she had anything to do with Kate’s death. Belinda denies it but reveals she and Mark adopted Charlie, the baby Kate gave away when she was 16. Kate reached out to Belinda because she wanted to meet Charlie, but Belinda didn’t want Kate anywhere near him. The two had lunch at a diner when she basically told Kate to stay far away from her son. But as she points out, that doesn’t mean she killed Kate — if Eric wants the proof, he can just check the security footage.





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