Series Updates: Download Reverie Season 1, Episode 8

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Download Reverie Season 1, Episode 8 below.. First a little recap..


Mara delves into an elderly woman’s reverie in Episode 8, titled Despedida. Meanwhile, Paul and Alexis need to decide whether the technology is really safe.

Reverie picks up off the back of the previous episode, with Mara waking up in bed the morning after the night before. Chris is getting ready to leave and Mara starts to worry about whether they’re rushing into this. It seems like a very normal exchange, so you likely think nothing of it at first.

After all, the most important storyline in the episode appears to be the elderly woman, Pilar, who is clearly unimpressed with life at her retirement home. Pilar has reverie and decides to go back to a time she was young. If only it was just to dance the night away.

What initially looks like Pilar’s attempt to find a lost loved turns out to be a memory of sacrifice and danger in 1973. Pilar wants to get a group of girls safe to the Chilean border, away from the military government. Without Pilar, the girls will die. All Pilar wants is one more chance to relive this memory; to go back to a time when she felt like she was actually needed.


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