The Originals Season 5, Episode 5

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It’s been a while since The Originals writers made me both cheer and gasp during the length of an episode. I think they owe it to us for keeping all the Mikaelson siblings scattered, unable to be together without snakes crawling out of orifices or flowers dying on the vine. The idea of introducing yet another bad guy into the mix did feel exhausting, but the storyline definitely paid off in the end.

As you remember from last week, Klaus received a “message” in the form of a coin. Apparently, the coin is somehow related to werewolves, so Klaus goes hunting. He kills a bunch of wolves using various tactics, but it’s Greta who confesses that she sent the coin. She wants to talk to Klaus. He wants to drain her of all her blood. Same thing.


Greta sits in the catacombs, her hands pierced with spikes, as Klaus waits for the vervain to be exposed from her body. He reminds Greta that she is moments away from death. Greta looks at him and says, “Your lack of vision will be your downfall. That’s what he said about you.”

He? Who is he?

I’m glad you asked. He is the new villain: August Muller. Klaus searches his mind for any details and the scene dissolves into 1933 Germany. Klaus is in a parlor debating art with a painter, listening as the piano fills the room, and generally annoying everyone in sight. But there is someone who challenges him and his pompous ways.





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