Movie Update: Download Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 7

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Titled “The Statement”

John returns from his business trip, while Eric and Amanda discover a shocking secret

He’s baaaack! The “he” in question here is John, who took a pretty sketchy hiatus following Kate’s death and disappeared for the last three episodes. How convenient, right? John returns in this week’s episode of Secrets and Lies after being away on “business” — but, as you probably could’ve guessed, it wasn’t that kind of business.

Following his return, John and Eric have a conversation in the latter’s apartment, where John makes a few douchey comments about the way he questioned Kate’s behavior after her death and the way he raised Eric and the gang while their mother was battling alcoholism. He storms out of Eric’s apartment without really apologizing or making things better for himself.

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Someone else who’s not really making things better: Melanie. She’s at the police stationed being questioned by (read: flirting with) Major Bryant about what she was doing the night of the party and what reason she may have had for erasing the security footage. She denies all of this, of course, and kind of proves how much she reeeally doesn’t give a sh-t by only explaining to the Major where she bought that “tight, tight” dress she wore to the party.

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Image result for secrets and lies season 2 episode 7

Melanie also gets a little serious and explains she wasn’t actually leaving the security office… She was leaving the bathroom (allegedly). She claims she left the party on the 10th floor to use the bathroom in the lobby because the line upstairs was a wee bit long. (I feel that, Melanie.) But Major Bryant isn’t buying it, and he tries his hardest to get her to break by telling her they’ve already found her fingerprints on the keyboard in the security office. (That was a lie, btw.) And so was Melanie’s excuse, since it’s pointed out later in the episode there were two bathrooms on that floor (and probably a great deal of bathrooms on every other floor, but I won’t question this joke of an alibi since I’m not the detective here.) Still, Melanie admits Kate was the only Warner who didn’t hate her and, therefore, she would never have a reason to hurt her……

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Download and Enjoy below.


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